They shall not pass! – Dort­mund will re­sist

Get in the way of the neofascist demonstration on 3rd September!
For the 7th time neo­fa­scists plan to march through the city of Dort­mund, ta­king the so cal­led „Na­tio­nal Day of Peace“ as oc­ca­si­on. They mo­bi­li­se from all over Eu­ro­pe to Dort­mund for 3rd Sep­tem­ber. After the neo­fa­scist de­ploy­ment in Dres­den which had been preven­ted suc­cess­ful­ly, the „Na­tio­nal Day of Peace“ is the most im­portant oc­ca­si­on for the so cal­led „au­to­no­mous na­tio­na­lists“ from all over Ger­ma­ny to pre­sent them­sel­ves.

Dort­mund has de­ve­lo­ped to an im­portant cent­re of neo­fa­scist ac­tivi­ties du­ring the last few years. Bru­tal at­tacks on im­mi­grants and left- wing youth, al­ter­na­ti­ve book­shops, left- wing party of­fices and bars, events, trade unions, politically active people and private homes of antifascists continue and get more and more brutal.

The nazis claim that Dort­mund is their city. We say – never!

The po­li­ce and local aut­ho­ri­ties have play­ed down the gra­vi­ty of the pro­blem for years. This is why they are re­s­pon­si­ble for the streng­the­ning of the right- wing scene in Dort­mund. They have play­ed it down alt­hough there have been al­re­a­dy 4 mur­ders going at the ex­pen­se of neo­fa­scists since the year 2000: three po­li­ce­men were mur­de­red by the neo­na­zi Micha­el Ber­ger, the punk Tho­mas Schulz has be­co­me a victim of a young neofascist. Civil society has changed its reactions since then and began to protest and show resistance. But the po­li­ce keeps ac­ting in the same way: an­ti­fa­scist ac­tivi­ties are restrained, neo­na­zis in con­trast can most­ly act wi­thout any pro­blems.

The Day of Peace re­minds of the fa­scis­tic ag­gres­si­on towards Po­land on 1st Sep­tem­ber, 1939 – the be­gin­ning of a de­struc­tive war which set the whole world on fire and left more than 50 mio. victims be­hind. The Day of Peace belongs to all the pacifists and democrats who keep the memory of the historical appeal “No more fascism! No more war!” alive and who stand up for a world of worldwide peace and international solidarity.

The Ger­man neo­na­zis fol­low the tra­di­ti­ons of the „Na­tio­nal So­cia­list Ger­man Wor­kers‘ Party“ (NSDAP). They glo­ri­fy the un­pre­ce­den­ted war against the So­viet Union with its 17 mio. death ci­vi­li­ans and the un­spea­ka­ble events of the ho­lo­caust. They deny the cri­mes of the Wehr­macht and the SS and wear slo­gans like: „My grand­fa­ther was a hero!“ in pu­blic. With help of so­ci­al and an­ti­ca­pi­ta­list dem­ago­gy neo­fa­scists try to make use of un­em­ploy­ment, lack of per­spec­tives and fear about the fu­ture – from which es­pe­ci­al­ly young peop­le have to suf­fer – to pro­pa­ga­te their ra­cist and war glo­ri­fy­ing ideo­lo­gy in times of tightening capitalist crisis.

Let us an­s­wer with our common re­sis­tan­ce and our po­li­cy of re­a­son and so­li­da­ri­ty!Let us stand up against war and call for its ending – in Afghanistan and everywhere! We call up the youth, all the an­ti­fa­scists, tra­de-unio­nists and op­po­n­ents of war and oc­cupa­ti­on to blo­cka­de the march of neo­fa­scists on 3rd Sep­tem­ber non-violently. We will not be the sour­ce of any esca­la­ti­on. We ex­press so­li­da­ri­ty with all those who wish to con­front the neo­fa­scists and their war-glorifying propaganda. Together we will impede the upcoming neofascist deployment in Dortmund!

The 3rd September belongs to us!

Par­ti­ci­pa­te in de­mons­tra­ti­ons and blo­cka­des or­ga­ni­zed by „Dort­mund stellt sich quer!“
When neo­fa­scicts march, it is our duty to re­sist!